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October 31, 2018 What About the Millennials? Posted In: Design, Function

In researching how millennials see the church today and what they are looking for I found a study conducted by the Barna Group who has conducted over 30,000 interviews with Millennials over the past 10 years. Armed with this vital background of information the referenced study looked at 4 areas; culture, ministry, leadership and facilities and surveyed teens and young adults born between 1984 and 2002.

The following excerpt from the introduction contains a momentous warning for the church.

“. . . . we know that church leaders are struggling with how to capture the hearts, minds and souls of Millennials. As David Kinnaman’s extensive research and writing on Millennials shows, churches have largely lost this generation of young adults, and the fallout of this mass exodus will have far-reaching, long-term consequences if churches don’t wake up and pay attention to what’s happening in the culture.”

The Executive Summary can be accessed by clicking Making Space For Millennials: Executive Summary. A more in-depth look at the study process and results can be found the book by the same title through Barna or Amazon.

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