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December 11, 2018 Unrealized Economic Opportunities Posted In: Economic, Function, Opportunities, Relevance, Worship Facilities


I recently attended this year’s Worship Facilities conference that was held in Orlando. A common theme was evident from this year’s presenters, ways the church can become more relevant to the community they live in. As a result communities will see church as more than the place for Sunday worship.

Certainly having the church more actively engaged with community’s needs and desires is a win for the community as well as the congregation, but there are also economic gains for both.  A recent research project, “The Economic Halo Effect of Historic Sacred Places” was conducted by Partners for Sacred Places. The conclusion after an in-depth analysis of 90 congregations in Philadelphia, Chicago and Fort Worth is “The size and complexity of the economic impact of sacred places provides powerful new evidence that America’s sacred places have enormous community value . . .”

Read the summary of the findings and learn how churches are enriching their communities.


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