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Our Design Process | John Tagle Associates Inc. John Tagle Associates

John Tagle Associates Inc.

Architects Architects

Our Design Process

Creating the right environment to house and support an organization and its members/visitors/staff is a shared effort between the architect and the client. JTAI employs a 5-step process which lays the ground work that supports a trusted partnership which is an essential ingredient of any successful project.


The most vital aspects in the Discovery process are to listen, observe and discuss. Our team works with you to conceptualize, understand and articulate the project’s goals and purpose. Through interactive workshop type meetings, we take your goals and explore the possibilities to challenge, inspire, and educate, which ultimately garners ownership and excitement among the whole team.


In this step, a Program Plan is created which is a written compilation of functional components that will be in the project as well as the goals, aspirations and the desired “image & feel”. Data and information are gathered from you and a “snapshot” of current space usage and future needs are complied and projected to design a complete vision to ensure a successful project.

Planning the Plan

Idea generation starts in this step by taking the elements of the Program Plan and assembling them in 2D and 3D drawings. Information from the first two steps guide us to create an ultimate Master Plan or “experience plan” which considers the opportunities to enhance sense of arrival, circulation, way finding, and place. The Master Plan includes major uses, circulation, open space, outdoor areas, and phasing plans.

Ready, Set, Go

With the Master Plan in place the next step is to develop and refine the design through a series of drawing stages that become more and more detailed, ultimately depicting the project as construction ready. As the project moves through these development stages we collaborate with our team of financial, design, and construction experts, as well as you the client, in the strategic analysis of the project;s financial feasibility.
Construction of the project is the final piece in this step during which we observe the progress and quality of the work being performed. In addition we review submittals from the contractor such as payment applications, shop drawings and material samples.


This final step can be seen as a report card for the project. Like any good business, we want to know how your experience was during the design process. We also want to know how the space has contributed to the productivity, satisfaction and well-being of the occupants and the goals of the organization.


Completing your church, nonprofit organization, or commercial project begins with the Discovery step. We look forward to helping you imagine the design possibilities.