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Greenfield Presbyterian Church

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For church goers of the 50’s and 60’s, the fellowship hall was the congregation’s primary gathering place. This and youth rooms were commonly found in the lower level of the building. Greenfield Church was no different. But to attract and retain new families in today’s market more is expected than what was done in the past.

So Greenfield decided to rejuvenate and freshen-up their existing space. Old finishes are being removed and replaced with a contemporary pallet of new materials and colors. Wood slat walls form a semi-private seating area for small groups and individuals. The ceiling tiles and lights are giving way to energy efficient LED lights and an open ceiling to create a more spacious feeling. Zones within the larger space are articulated with dropped ceilings and a combination of carpet tiles and durable vinyl flooring. The enhancements also include new and enlarged toilet rooms and a revitalized kitchen.

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